Frequently Asked Questions

What is shogi?

Shogi is a traditional Japanese game for two players. It is similar to chess (therefore called Japanese chess), but most characteristic point is that all the pieces are in use through the game.

Do I have to be good at chess to play shogi?

No! Anybody can play shogi.

Where can I play shogi online?

There are few online servers like 81dojo, shogiclub, kurnik or corespondence servers like littlegolem and brainking.

Where can I play shogi live?

There are many shogi clubs around the world. There might be tournaments near your living place.

Where can I buy shogi sets?

Shogi Poland offers basic sets for beginners, but you can find other online shops with shogi merchandise. You can contact us, if you have problems with finding something special.

I have a question!

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