While researching shogi development in Europe for my master thesis, I have found many problems that shogi societies are bothered with, for example lack of teaching materials in English, lack of knowledge of how to teach shogi, and lack of information exchange between countries. It is hard to solve those problems quickly – making of the new books is time consuming and information about shogi in other countries is spread in different places on the web.

This is why I would like to propose my idea for the solution: making a magazine about shogi.

  • written by shogi enthusiasts and volunteers (anybody can share their experiences)
  • online and free (available for everybody)
  • publishing once per three months (good articles need time)

The magazine would contain thoughts, impressions, reports, own analysis, commented games, newest strategies, news from the world, gallery with photos and discussions on various topics.

This would allow the shogi world to get a “voice” and a platform to exchange information and views. Those are important for shogi promotion in the world.

If you would like to join the project or share your ideas, please contact me by email or send me a message to Karolina Styczynska on Facebook.



The official name of the magazine is “International Shogi Magazine”.

The first issue will have 15 articles and a beautiful cover.

Expected publication: May.