Our Tournaments

Shogi Harbour is proud to be hosting two online tournament, which we manage on our discord server.

One of them is a weekly Shogi Teaching Ladder, where people can play two games per weekend and learn together. It is one of the biggest clubs on 81dojo having over 150 players from over 35 different countries. It is managed by GLGR, Shogi Ladder Club Director.

Second one is Tourney-To Series (TTS), divided to four categories depending on skill level, where we challenge players to play 9 rounds, one game per week tempo. The main objective is to play regularly, learn and improve by playing against people of similar rank. There is a prize for a winner of each category, which is a teaching game against shogi professional Katagami 7 dan. Those games are live streamed on our Twitch and later analyzed in details on our Youtube channel. It is managed by Shogi Harbour (Karolina Styczyńska).