Tourney To Series

Tourney To Series are tournaments organized by Shogi Harbour. Each tournament is for players of different skill set from beginners to advanced players. The winner of each tournament will have a chance to play a handicap game against shogi professional Katagami Daisuke 7 dan. Those games will be featured on Shogi Harbour’s Youtube with commentary.

Each tournament consists of 9 rounds, played at pace of one game per week. That means one season of tournament takes around 2 months to complete.

All arrangements are done through Shogi Harbour’s Discord server, so it is necessary to have registered and email-confirmed account on Discord. Detailed rules are specified on Discord server.

So far tournament pairings has been done through Challonge server, but in case of Shodan 2, pairings are posted on this website, accessible through link below.

Tourney To Shodan 2 – pairings

Tourney To Masters 1 – Challonge link

Tourney To Jouzu 1 – Challonge link

Players under 5 kyu qualify to Tourney To Jouzu (jouzu means skillful)

Players from 5 kyu to 1 dan qualify to Tourney To Shodan (shodan means 1 dan)

Players over 1 dan and under 5 dan qualify to Tourney To Masters

Top (not current) 81dojo rating counts, excluding temporary rating set up with account creation. Other websites/real ratings can be considered – discuss with organizator.

Finished seasons results:

Tourney To Shodan 1 – Challonge link (winners: TheLlamaLord / Shymon)

  • TTS1 Winner TheLlamaLord vs Katagami 7 dan
  • TTS1 Winner Shymon vs Katagami 7 dan – Youtube link